Upcoming and ongoing projects:

Center for Ecological (un)learning – The Growth Department
During the Summer of 2018, The Outsiders and Casco are taking over farmhouse Erfgoed as part of the Center of Ecological Unlearing. As part of this ‘institution’, Merel initiates the Growth Department for children, youngsters and elderly. Inspired by Chicago Urban Ecology Action Group (1993) of artist Mark Dion, young human beings are activily taking over the merely 20 years old neighborhood Leidsche Rijn in Utrecht by researching, playing and DIY techniques. First we start with building an Adventure Playground on the yard of the farm.

Hop Hope Hof
The Abraham Dolehof is a commonly shared courtyard in the city center of Utrecht. Together with local childern Merel will examining the “playability” of this location with the project entitled Hop Hope Hof. It’s a course that consists of workshops for and by children, in which we jointly explore the possibilities of the Abraham Dolehof and strengthen our ties to the immediate neighbourhood. The program acts as a site for meeting and collaboration; it offers space for collectivity and the exchange of ideas; and it gives children the opportunity to invent their own forms of play, rules, and even toys. Ultimately, the results will be reflected in a Ludotheek — a public play library of which its members can rent or borrow shared toys, games and playspaces in the Abraham Dolehof and beyond.More information on the website of Casco: