City of Flags

During the project City of Flags young citizens of the city of Utrecht were invited to reflect collectively on their habitat. During this project Utrecht’s youngest generation encountered reflections on how to take action in constructing ideas on daily life worth communicating. It can be considered as an investigation into making art as a vehicle for communicating ideas or ideals and the way art can be used as social tool. This project gave children a voice by making the children’s ideas visible in a public environment. The children discussed the change they would like to manifest in the streets, neighbourhood or city they live in. These thoughts were visualised through fabric and tape resulting in a colourful flag.  The double idea of flags as signs of protests and as a sign of celebration resulted in different outcomes either celebrating a particular aspect or criticizing it, depending on the children’s thoughts. All the results were presented in a colourful and loud flag parade, which can be considered as a demonstration children’s ideas, through the city center. The parents of the participants assisted the children by making noises with pots, pans and other equipment. (photo’s : Carlijn Bakker)

Thanks to the generous support of Casco – Office for Art, Design & Theory