Iedereen een Kunstenaar

Iedereen is een Kunstenaar (Everybody is an Artist) evolves around the concept of collective imagination of children. This collaborative art project invites children to create a drawing together. Whereas children are often learned to create an individual drawing, this project expands the traditional and stereotypical individual children’s drawing by enlarging and un-individualize it while confronting children with the concept of imagining and creating together. Children were asked to react on the shapes and messages drawn by other participating children. With use of the drawing table of artist collective Cooperativo Cráter Invertido, this project invited children to be part of the exhibition We Are The Time Machines at Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory. The result was a big collaborative drawing, or zungale, from which the children all got a little piece to take home. Furthermore, a time lapse video was made,  available on . Some parts of the result were exhibited in the exhibition space. (Photo’s: Merel Zwarts)

Made possible with the support of Casco – Office for Art, Design & Theory